Hackney Story Finally Picked Up in Canada

It took almost a week but the Canadian media has finally picked up on the Joel Hackney parking lot rage story. The Ottawa Citizen has a story on the front of today’s business section. Unfortunately, it’s behind a walled garden but it describes Hackney as one of the company’s management “stars”. According to Nortel spokeswoman Ann Fuller, the company “conducted a comprehensive review and determined it was an isolated incident”.
Update: For more about Hackney, the News Observer did a profile on him last June.


3 Responses to “Hackney Story Finally Picked Up in Canada”

  1. SC Says:

    Could be because I tipped off the editor, could be because they decided to look at it…

  2. Darwin Says:

    susan shephard quit over Hackney

  3. Moneytalks Says:

    Whoa! Darwin, is that your opinion or fact?

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