Thanks, Duncan!

Duncan Stewart was kind enough to cite my blog within a column he wrote for the National Post on different ways for retail investors to get information these days. After mentioning newspapers and Web sites such as Seeking Alpha, he talked about blogs – and highlighted how my posts on Joel Hackney were way ahead of the mainstream media.
Update: I also got mentioned – and quoted – in the News Observer today.


3 Responses to “Thanks, Duncan!”

  1. Not_A_Co-Worker Says:

    I’m with you Mark!

  2. Christian Page Says:

    Hi Mark,

    This is well deserved. As an investor, I find your blog so much more interesting than news of Nortel in the media. You give and link to very useful information.

    Kudos !

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Someone needs to ask Mike Z about his zero tolerance. Does it only apply to the grunts of the company?

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